Configure a version of a project

The Pricer creates your projects, you can give it a name and also give a specific description (blue rectangle), for example you can give a description that describes the set of resources of a specific platform, the new “version” meaning set of resources of your platform etc. By default, your project is named My project and its description is 1st version.

Once you’ve added some resources and configured your project in a way that fits your needs, you can add external configuration to it, such as : Costing options, Providers, Location and Scenarios (red rectangle). Each project has its own option configuration, these options are editable in the Pricer.

Costing options : You can specify a currency for your project, all the quotation’s prices will be displayed using the chosen currency.

Providers : You can specify for your project the public prices that you don’t want to see in the result page. The non chosen providers will be grayed out in the selected providers block.

Lieu : if for any reason you only want quotation’s prices for a specific city, country, or continent, you can configure this in the Lieu panel.

Scenario : See this documentation.

Once it’s done, click on Get quotation (purple rectangle), it will create your project with its first version listed in your project list. Each version has its own set of resources and options configuration, going back to the Pricer will display the active project and its properties. Each time you add or remove an element from your active project (resource, scenarios, …) it will create a new version of it.

We recommend you to specify different descriptions for each version you make in order to not have many versions with the same description and to not be confused.