Excel import

In the price page of the application, you may don’t want to manually add your different resources, it can be a very long task if you have a lot of resources to implements into the app, and you are searching a way to insert all of your resources into the application in one try.

For that, you can click on the download blue arrow button (purple arrow). It will download an Excel file. This file is your template, you’ll be able to directly insert in different Excel tables your servers, bandwidths and object storage buckets (soon containers).

Once it’s done and your modifications saved, you can import your file by clicking on the “Search File” button (red arrow).

If you made some errors while you added your resources (for example you entered in the “CPU” column data which are not numbers), a popup window will appear, listing all the errors you made with details like in which line the error is and what you have to do to fix the error.