Cloudeasier cloud costs indicator – August 2020


The Cloudeasier Cloud Cost Indicator (C3I) is a KPI that is calculated monthly based on the public catalog of the major public cloud providers. 

The methodology of this calculation is described here


August 2020 represents the launch month of the C3I. It means that this value that we share with you today is going to be the reference value followed each month.

In this ranking, we can see that AZURE is the cheaper cloud provider on average for the two use cases that we took in our calculation.

Google is pretty close to Azure, while AWS is the last of this ranking, 13% more expensive than Azure.

Of course, this ranking is a synthesis and it doesn’t show the details in terms of regions, usages, platforms.

Your own results for your own infrastructure might be completely different.

This is the first month we calculate this indicator, next month you should see graphs and trends that we will follow over time.

Best in Web Hosting

For Web Plateform, we can conclude that the ranking is the same for the minimum price, maximum price, and average price.

Google Cloud Platform is definitely the cheaper cloud in this scenario. Then comes Azure, and then Amazon Web Services.

Note that the Google Cloud Platform has a shorter range of prices. It means that all regions have almost equivalents catalog and pricing model, which is not the case for Azure and AWS, that propose more regions with a wider price range.

Best in File Sharing Hosting

For the file share platform, the ranking is different. Here, in this scenario, AWS is the cheaper, then comes Azure, and finally Google. 

AWS Has a wider catalog in terms of storage performance and can be efficient in this case.

If ranking is the same for Minimum and Average costs, this is not the same for the higher cost. It means that even if Azure is number two here, you might see them at the third place in some regions.

Best overall

In overall, we can see that the game is very tight. There is only a 13% gap between number 1 and number 3.

Also, AWS -which is ranked last based on average- has also a cheaper proposition than Google in some regions.

So, what do you think?

This is our first shot! Tell us what do you think about this ranking? How can we improve it? Are you ready for next month indicator?